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Certificate management tools are used to create, manage, monitor and distribute digital certificates. They are of great importance in various IT environments and use cases. They offer automation, security and efficiency in the management of certificates and help to minimise security risks.

Nowadays, there are various tools on the market. But why choose essendi xc? You benefit from these added values:

Automation down to the last mile

Thanks to essendi xc, certificate expiry dates no longer need to be tracked manually. The tool monitors and automatically renews certificates before they expire. This ensures that your websites and applications are equipped with valid and secure certificates at all times. xc thus minimises the risk of downtime and disruptions in the IT infrastructure.

User-friendliness & simplicity

The user-friendly interface makes it easy to record and organise certificates and centrally monitor the entire certificate portfolio. Admins can organise user groups to determine who is allowed to request certificates with particular characteristics. This minimises errors when requesting certificates.

ISO 27001

essendi it and the development processes of the xc product family are certified in accordance with DIN ISO 27001.

Scalability & easy integration

Whether you are a medium-sized company or a large corporation – essendi xc adapts to your individual requirements. The tool can be seamlessly integrated into existing IT infrastructures and supports various certificate providers and technologies. Additional products from the essendi xc family (e.g. essendi cd) extend the range of functions as required.


essendi xc supports the rapid change of CA or the switch to quantum-resistant encryption (post-quantum readiness) through mass handling if required. It therefore makes a valuable contribution to the crypto-agility of companies.

Regular releases & new features

We incorporate feedback and new requirements from our customers into the development of new releases. In this way, we always develop essendi xc in line with market requirements.

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For all those who want to go one step further

For whom is essendi xc the right product?
When we started developing essendi xc, there were no Google searches on the subject of certificate management. We therefore see ourselves as pioneers in the field of certificate management tools. In our eyes, xc is a product for market leaders and companies with products and services in a pioneering position.

Why? The answer is quite simple:

    • Performance and efficiency.
      xc as the latest security software makes it possible to handle business processes faster and more effectively.


    • Compatibility.
      xc is continuously being adapted to new applications and systems. This ensures smooth processes, including when using the latest technologies.


  • Individual customer requirements.
    As mentioned above, xc can be customised to the requirements of existing environments using many standard components. However, we also meet completely customised requirements and develop solutions. In co-operation with the customer himself or with one of our technology partners.


    • Security.
      Cyber criminals are constantly looking for vulnerabilities to exploit in their attacks. By regular updates, xc offers protection against security vulnerabilities and data breaches that can result from invalid certificates.


    • New functions.
      Security technologies are developing rapidly. That’s why xc receives new functions with every release, making it even more convenient and efficient.


  • Support and updates.
    Short response times in support and regular updates form the framework for a reliable application and ensure a high level of crypto-agility.



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Automation and validation

xc offers full lifecycle management in the truest sense of the word: the tool handles application, deployment, administration, monitoring, validation, revision and archiving and documents every step.
All of these processes, right through to deployment in the target systems, can be automated and bring a wide range of benefits. Individual compliance requirements and user authorisations are taken into account.

Increased efficiency through automation.

With a manual approach, managing a large number of certificates can be very time-consuming and error-prone. Automated tasks, on the other hand, significantly reduce administrative work and increase efficiency.

Validation of certificate validity.

The validity must be checked to ensure that the certificates are authentic and have been issued by a trustworthy CA. Automated validation ensures that no forged or invalid certificates enter the infrastructure.


Companies and organisations with complex IT infrastructures have to manage a large number of certificates. Automation makes it possible to handle the increasing number of certificates without the administrative burden multiplying exponentially.

Improved security.

Automation can ensure that certificates are always up to date and that no expired or insecure certificates remain in use. Cybercriminals sometimes use expired certificates to create fake websites that look like the real thing but are fraudulent. Automated processes can minimise such vulnerabilities.

Save time and reduce human error.

Automation in certificate management minimises the need for manual intervention, reducing the risk of human error that could lead to security breaches. Certificates can be renewed, monitored and updated in a timely manner without the need for human intervention.


essendi xc as a centralised authority for certificates ensures more efficient, secure and scalable certificate management. In this way, it improves the security and reliability of the IT infrastructure.

At the same time, it considerably simplifies the complex processes for users and security admins.

see for yourself. request demo.

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essendi as a leader in innovation

For us, certificate management is a profession and a calling. That’s why we were one of the first to get involved.

Innovation continues to be our passion. For example, we are working intensively on post-quantum cryptography, IoT/OT and shop floor security. Innovations and new insights from the market are constantly being integrated into the xc product family. In this way, we achieve continuous development in line with the needs of the market. This is how, for example, essendi cd or the domain validator came into being.

More and more services and applications are cloud-based. To minimise security risks in the cloud infrastructure, our applications can also be integrated into the cloud. Without any loss of security.

As a European software company, we take great care to comply with European security and privacy standards. Anforderungen aus neuen regulatorischen Standards lassen wir in Softwareupdates und Releases einfließen.

CA independence is particularly important to us, as it means increased crypto-agility. This is why certificate and volume handling have been key issues for us from the start.

Innovation is best developed with partners. That is why we have formed a PKI network with universities and other specialists gebildet. This is where we get inspiration for innovations, for a flexible, modular platform base, and where we conduct fundamental research together, even before standards exist.

Issues such as sustainability and accessibility are also important to us. We are already thinking about how to make the xc product family “green software” and accessible.

Our customers will benefit from this.

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Unique bundle of features and options

  • Unique combination, brought together in a centralised instance that supports administrator empowerment
  • Support for security administrators throughout the lifecycle
  • Large number of interfaces and high level of maturity in terms of interfaces, adapters, connectors, but also processes, checks and automation
  • Seamless integration into customer environments; also due to CA independence
  • Unique combination of xc Core with customised interfaces possible
  • This results in standard software with a high degree of flexibility (e.g. application paths, extensions).
  • This diversity makes it possible to select the right features for each customer situation and adapt them to individual circumstances.
  • essendi xc extends the application possibilities of ACME (e.g. application for OV and EV certificates, elimination of CertBot, etc.).
  • Central feedback and overview of certificate inventory, runtime with CRL monitoring
  • Our basis is a flexible, modular platform that can be extended and modified at any time.
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Auditing and compliance

Many industries and regulatory bodies have strict requirements for website and application security. Automation and regular validation make it easier for organisations to prove that they are complying with security policies and regulations, which is very important for compliance audits.

essendi it is ISO27001 certified, as are the development processes of the xc product family. As one of the few software vendors, we are setting an example for security and documenting our efforts to provide our customers with secure solutions at all times. We are also responding to the needs of our customers in the public and KRITIS sectors.

The tool is subject to European security standards and meets compliance requirements according to individual specifications. All key handling processes are documented in the event of an audit. This enables you to meet the requirements of compliance guidelines and IT security standards such as ISO 27001, the German BSI Grundschutz or NIST in the area of crypto management (key handling).

In combination with the partner product cd, certificates that have entered the network unnoticed (e.g. with IoT devices) and were not created via xc are also detected.

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Crypto-agility and key handling

A central repository is the foundation of crypto-agility. Only if you know where certificates and keys are used and how they are structured, you can quickly switch from one algorithm to another.
Crypto-agility also means that it is easy to change cryptographic schemes. For example, from RSA 2048 to RSA 3072, from RSA to Elliptic Curve or post-quantum cryptography. For this reason, xc is designed to be PQC capable.
However, a quick change from one CA to another can be just as important. This is why we have focused from the outset on simplifying the handling of single and large numbers of certificates.
Key handling (where keys are stored, how they are generated) and key management are also important aspects. Hardware Security Modules (HSM) from different manufacturers can be connected to xc.
Perhaps the most important aspect, however, is the transparencyz of the existing cryptographic infrastructure. For this reason, xc records information about internal and external CAs, connected HSMs, etc. in a central location.

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What is so unique about the "essendi way"?

For us, “fully automated” really means fully automated. The customer’s challenge is what drives us. Customised scalability: With us, you are more than a number and get exactly what you need. As a manufacturer, we are there for you with personal contacts. Our team will provide you with direct maintenance and support. We love customisation. We have access to a network of universities and other specialised partners for innovative topics from your environment. We integrate with existing infrastructures and adapt to your circumstances – not the other way around. Our tool is developed by a team that is passionate about what they do. High flexibility thanks to standard software that can be customised. Owner-managed family business with strong values. Entrepreneurship by people for people.

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We promise performance

The essendi xc product family is precisely tailored to the needs and requirements of global players, industry and large public administrations. As a medium-sized company, we guarantee professional processes with a high degree of individualisation and a personal approach.

see for yourself. request demo.