The convenient certificate management solution

Two independent specialists with years of experience stand behind this CaaS solution – the German software engineering expert essendi it and the Swiss trust service provider SwissSign. Together we've developed a product that lets you manage all certificate types and applications in centralized and standardized form. CaaS lets you automatically extend or simply renew SSL certificates. It's simple and smart. CaaS also lets you automatically install your SSL certificates, replace them promptly, and manage them simply. In addition, it lets you issue SwissSign certificates yourself. CaaS covers the entire certificate life cycle and installs them fully automatically on target systems. Greater convenience is hard to imagine.

CaaS – simple and smart

Our cloud solution makes CaaS extremely easy to use. Aside from your system's connectors there's no need for additional software, which also means no need for additional maintenance. Thanks to fully automated certificate management you'll never be in danger of having certificates expire. Relevant infrastructure security is ensured at all times. That frees up your time for more essential tasks.

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Video call support

Our appropriate essendi or SwissSign consultants and service specialists are ready to answer any questions you might have about CaaS by phone or video. Direct individual service without delay. Our multilingual hotline is looking forward to your enquiry.

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CaaS Whitepaper

CaaS Whitepaper

Our whitepaper summarises all relevant information about CaaS – including its features, how trust processes are handled technically, and additional services.

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