At essendi it, we not only believe that our customized software solutions and IT services can simplify and connect your business processes, we prove it. Every day. Get to know our company.

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Who we are

We are IT: founded in 2000, as a small company with a manageable office in Schwäbisch Hall and a handful of team members, essendi it has quickly become a fast-growing company with over 50 employees and offices in Munich and Schwäbisch Hall. Our team is made up of strong figures from a variety of fields and disciplines. To us, ‘can’t’ is just another challenge. Every day we harness the specialized knowledge of each and every member of our team. Our objective is to create a reliable long-term relationship with you, and to repeatedly win you over and inspire you with our solutions for your unique business. Simple and smart.

essendi it ueber uns

Why essendi it

We know IT: our services are your success. In today’s world, optimal IT processes are a major driver of business success. This is often where there is considerable potential for cost savings and efficiency gains. essendi it supports you in identifying this potential and translating it into strategic requirements. Next, we implement efficient, high quality solutions to meet these requirement. We also support you with custom services and IT solutions, to arrive at the right solution for you.

One market, few solutions

In certificate management, there are only a few comprehensive enterprise solutions on the market so far. essendi is one of the pioneers in this field. We are continuously driving innovations, including our CT Log Monitoring component. Further features are in the pipeline. With essendi xc, you benefit from the experience we have gained with a wide range of customers and which is incorporated into our continuous further development. Let our expertise work for you with a solution that fits your company perfectly. This way, you too will be one step ahead of technical development.

essendi it ueber uns

Security standard

essendi xc supports you in implementing measures within the framework of ISO 27001 or basic IT protection in the field of cryptography. These standards require application of cryptography guidelines and proper management of cryptographic keys. We support you in identifying sensitive information and corresponding security needs, as well as in the definition of processes and encryption procedures. We will be happy to advise you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Additional services

We can help you tackle any of the challenges below and offer you:

We can serve you in-house as well as remotely from our offices in Munich and Schwäbisch Hall.

Simple and smart.