essendi xc makes all the difference. Certificate management:
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essendi xc certificate management platform

Your certificate process hub.

Our modern and rapidly changing world poses challenges for us: certificates are expiring faster and faster, even as their system environments grow increasingly complex. Unplanned certificate expiries can disrupt operations, create legal issues and permanently harm your company’s image.

Proactive solutions for managing your certificates

Certificate owners can use a self-service portal to delegate certificate applications or handle them directly. Predefined application profiles and support functionality simplify the process and ensure compliance with the relevant requirements. Simple and smart.

Step-by-step application preparation and an automated approval process minimize risks and ensure that the right certificates are issued. Simple and smart.

From application, to distribution and renewal, we optimize your various processes with automation. Full automation of future certificate applications and renewals saves valuable time for the xc agent installed on the target system, to name one benefit. Simple and smart.

As an all-in-one management system for all X.509 certificate types (CKMS), essendi xc uses key policies and status monitoring to cover the entire certificate life cycle and support your organization in handling certificates and their keys – from application to installation and renewal or archiving of expired certificates. Simple and smart.

Predefined templates help applicants prepare certificate applications. Preconfiguration of certificate types and other attributes applies your internal certificate conventions and meets your compliance needs. Standardizing this process saves time and reduces the risk of certificate errors. Simple and smart.

Role-based access control and connectivity with your central user directory (LDAP/AD) ensure that users can only access areas and certificates for which they are authorized. As much as needed, as little as possible. Simple and smart.

A centralized, company-wide repository ensures transparency regarding the certificates available in the organization and offers a variety of evaluation, control and verification functions. Simple and smart.

Our centralized dashboard features an array of charts, for a graphic overview of all your certificates. You can use repositories to generate extensive reports and analyses, such as to evaluate certificates according to a signature algorithm or certification authority. Simple and smart.

Comprehensive alert functionality prevents undesired certificate expiry. A sophisticated alert process triggers prompt expiry notifications and renewal reminders for your responsible employees or systems. Simple and smart.

essendi xc offers smart solutions for the distribution of certificates to the (remote) target systems: we support ACME, email, SCP, SSH, SCEP, xc REST and PowerShell remoting and distribution using our xc agents. Simple and smart.

essendi xc features connectivity for HSMs of common manufacturers, to meet the high security demands of your key material and/or connect any HSMs already present in the SSL/TLS environment. Simple and smart.

essendi xc offers multi-CA functionality and supports all X.509 certificate types. We connect with your various PKI systems, whether internal or external. The application offers comprehensive and centralized management of trusted and untrusted certificates. One tool. All certificates. Simple and smart.

xc agents

Our xc Agent Management product expands essendi xc with the functions needed for network-wide certificate applications and deployment of digital certificates in distributed systems and/or organizations. Deployment of certificates in complex infrastructures, such as in the case of global management of production systems in a complex network belonging a company group, generally requires manual intervention and involves all manner of risks. The handling of distributed IoT control components also poses challenges for companies. Our application makes your certificate logistics manageable. The processes are automatic and feature centralized control.

Automated processes

This means you can use our CaaS solution to automatically apply for, manage, and install certificates in target systems. Connectors handle the final mile and bring the certificates directly to your server and target devices. Once set up, most processes run automatically. They're simple and smart. CaaS is therefore especially well suited for certificate management systems at small and medium-sized companies with limited IT personnel.

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