essendi xc Professional Services:
More than just standard support

A new software solution makes work easier in the long term. However, it also increases the workload in the short term, namely in the orientation and introduction phase. It is often precisely in this area that expertise and capacities are scarce.

Accelerate your time-to-value by relying on our specialists in the field of certificate management. Together with you, we will develop the right strategy for a smooth changeover.

How does it work? It's simple: With us, you obtain your solution directly from the manufacturer. The colleagues who advise are located next to the developers. Our agile way of working keeps the contact lines short: competent contact persons can be reached quickly.
Simple and smart

You can also benefit from the following services:

Advisory and consulting

Every project has its own specific requirements and challenges. Sometimes, the quickest way to a solution is not the most effective one.
We know a wide range of customer scenarios and can derive best practices for your company from our experience.
This starts with fundamental decisions, such as the definition of a CPS (Certificate Policy Statement). But also later, when it comes to adapting functional configurations in the event of process changes, our experts support you with foresight.

Product introduction and support

Installation, configuration and commissioning are the three major steps on the way to product introduction. Difficulties often arise when definitions are missing or software products do not work together. In many cases, manufacturers and resellers blame each other. The service provider or customer is caught between two sides without a solution. With us, you have a manufacturer directly at your side.
We offer more than professional advice and technical consulting: we support you in the configuration of applications, in the subsequent test operation and in the introduction of operations. We implement special use cases directly with you. We define user groups, roles and certificate profiles with you. We help you to connect xc to existing infrastructures such as certification authorities or PKIs. Since your software should always meet the latest security standards, we also support you in updating xc during new releases.

Puzzleteile Migration und Integration

Migration and integration

If you are looking into certificate management software, you usually already have a large certificate inventory that needs to be migrated. We support you in initially importing your existing inventory or migrating it from another management tool to essendi xc.
Our IT professionals are also at your side for integration projects, such as the connection to ServiceNow.

Customised product training

Every user group faces different challenges. That's why we offer specific training for administrators and users. The training materials are precisely tailored to the respective group and you can choose between a standard version or company-specific materials. We conduct the training courses on your premises or remotely - according to your wishes.
Even after the training, we are of course always available to answer questions.

Continuous release and individual features

Developments in IT are progressing rapidly. To ensure that essendi xc and our customers are always at the cutting edge of (security) technology, we regularly develop the tool further. In addition to improving existing features, new functions are also created for the xc standard version.
You would like to see additional information, attributes or meta-data to the standard information provided by xc, or you are missing functionalities? In many cases it is sufficient to extend existing interfaces. For this purpose, we are at your side with help and advice.
But we are also happy to implement more in-depth individual adaptations or company-specific features for you. To ensure that everything fits, we analyse the existing conditions, create technical concepts and define the appropriate architecture. The development of the new function is followed by extensive testing, taking security aspects into account. This is followed by packaging and delivery and, if you wish, we can also accompany the introduction of your individual solution.

What else we can do for you

Would you also like a sparring partner for other IT projects who will meet you at eye level? That's a good match. We offer you products and solutions with security. In addition to certificate management, we focus on the areas of individual software development, IT consulting and software test management. We support you in simplifying, managing and connecting your company processes. Fast, secure, efficient.

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