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The data of your company and your customers is valuable. Users expect data security and transparency. Not only do information security gaps cost your company money; they also harm your reputation. It is not without reason that the protection of data and data flow in companies is of the utmost importance. With digital certificates, you can guarantee information security and the confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of your sensitive data. In practice however, this involves numerous security certificates and a hefty administrative burden, which poses special challenges for IT. We developed essendi xc to make sure these challenges don’t turn into problems. Our centralized certificate management tool simplifies, automates and optimizes your certificate management. Our software supports you throughout the entire process, from application and renewal to certificate installation, and helps you keep track of your certificates and their periods of validity. Thanks to multi-CA functionality, interfaces for common HSM manufacturers and custom expandability, the application can be tailored to your needs and infrastructure.

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What is ‘certificate management’?

Certificate management is part of the security requirements detailed in ISO/IEC 27001. ISO/IEC 27001 is an international security standard used to guarantee information security (confidentiality, availability, integrity, authenticity, etc.). It is used to set up information security management systems (ISMS) in companies. Cryptography is a key part of the catalogue of measure. Its implementation under ISO/IEC 27001 requires guidelines on the use of cryptographic measures and proper key generation and management. essendi xc supports efficient implementation of cryptography guidelines to help you achieve a suitable level of security for your company. Simple and smart.

essendi xc features

essendi xc offers centralized features that make it even easier to manage your certificates.


As a platform, essendi xc integrates easily into existing infrastructure and connects to available systems. essendi xc comes with connectivity for the HSMs (hardware security modules) of common manufacturers, to meet the strict security needs of your key material. Importing made easy: you can use the network scan function to find all available certificates in your company automatically and import them into the certificate repository. For complex data centre infrastructures, custom scanning functions are available. essendi xc is installed locally on your system. This gives you total control over your key material and certificates. essendi xc offers smart solutions for distributing certificates to local and (remote) target systems: we support ACME, email, SCP, SSH, SCEP and PowerShell remoting and distribution using our xc agents. essendi xc gives you an overview of all your certificates. It features multi-CA functionality and supports all X.509 certificate types. One tool. All certificates. Simply smart.


essendi xc is a comprehensive management system for all X.509 certificate types (CKMS). This way, your IT department gains an overview of all SSL and TLS certificates used throughout the company and can apply prompt changes as needed.


essendi xc supports risk management with monitoring and reporting. The centralized dashboard offers you a clear overview of your certificates at all times. The backbone of essendi xc is a company-wide certificate repository, providing transparency and a variety of evaluation and control functions. Importing made easy: you can use the network scan function to find all available certificates in your company automatically and import them into the certificate repository. The repository’s built-in monitoring and alert function means no more worrying about expiring certificates.


essendi xc helps your organization handle certificates and keys. You can use templates and policies to ensure compliance with application requirements and house rules. These support your applicants and prevent certificate errors. Role-based access and authorizations ensure that users can only view and edit certificates for which they are authorized. Connectivity for your centralized user directory (LDAP/AD) enables easy integration of available users and authorization structures into the system. Your sales associate and the support team will be happy to advise you in English or German.

Renew and manage certificates

essendi xc serves as a centralized process hub that manages the complete life cycle of your certificates. The system lets you apply for your digital certificates, distribute them to target systems and renew them. A self-service portal can be used to simplify and decentralize these processes. essendi xc automatically informs you of expiring certificates, or even renews them for you automatically.

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Certificate management 4.0

Certificates are expiring faster and faster, even as their system environments grow increasingly complex. Unplanned certificate expiries can disrupt operations, create legal issues and permanently harm your company’s image. To meet these challenges, we have developed the essendi xc certificate manager and its components. essendi xc simplifies, automates and optimizes certificate management, while allowing you to manage all digital certificates in your whole company.

Certificate management 4.0
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Custom solutions

Our certificate platform essendi xc can be tailored precisely to your needs, including custom solutions for management of digital identities in the context of IoT and Industry 4.0. We use agile development methods to design the optimal solution for you. We develop our software based on your needs, taking into account trends and market demands, as well as your specific requirements profile. Our team of experts ensures transparency and keeps you up-to-date at all times. To ensure the performance of your software throughout its entire life cycle, we offer maintenance and support services and flexible training packages.

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Request a quotation

Do you have a specific IT requirement and need advice and a cost analysis for your project plan? If so, we will be happy to help you plan and budget your project. The price of essendi xc depends on the number of certificates managed and the modules and satellite systems used. We would be pleased to give you a detailed insight into our product family. You can order custom modifications and expansion projects. Finally, our service portfolio would not be complete without a flexible consulting and training package.


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Information on the point: our whitepapers give you an overview of our services, possible applications and make complex processes transparent. Download your free PDF file here.

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